Fast-Forward Urbanism

An essay on Interloop-Architecture’s “Klip House” was recently published in Fast Forward >> Rethinking Architecture’s Engagement with the City.

Perspecta 38

“There are inroads to sponsored research. To practice architecture is to engage spatial and material operations with something that has not yet formed itself legibly. This idea of engagement includes the organization of work that precedes and parallels design; i.e. the discovery circuit, as well as the resulting organizations that execute and inhabit it. How and what architecture becomes within the context of a given project evolve together. One could argue that the means for producing architecture and the object of the deployed production are equally architectural. Both are formal and aesthetic. Maintaining this formal and aesthetic component will be critical in formulating a role for funded research in architecture.” – Excerpt from “Relationships Supercede Dimensions,” by Dawn Finley & Mark Wamble


Log 5

“Innovation, like other impulses in the design field, is regulated. Professional institutions created to support architecture often undermine the proposal of structures, components and elements that have no common precedent. Most of the language contained in contracts associated with the construction industry deliberately avoids risk – a fundamental characteristic of innovation. There are circumstances that justify crossing the line between designer and fabricator, leaving the safety of the designer’s realm and embarking upon the complexities and liabilities of the fabricator’s world. By doing so we can recapture some of the innovative sensibility apparently written out of our discipline by insurance policies, professional associations, and institutions of higher learning. Architecture is obligated to build with a philosophy of innovation in mind.” Exerpt from “Assuming Risk,” by Dawn Finley

Perspecta 34

Perspecta 34 “Temporary Architecture,” The Yale Architecture Journal. June 2003. Edited by Noah K. Biklen, Ameet N. Hiremath and Hannah H. Purdy. “The Rest of the World Exists,” by Dawn Finley & Mark Wamble

Slow Space

Two essays by Mark Wamble are featured  – “Parsing Eye; The Architecture of Greg Lynn” and “Kneeplay.”