1ab: First Architecture Biennale

As one toggle sensor sends/retrieves signals to/from the system, expandable feedback loops prompt additional toggles to engage additional visitors by greeting them too with “hello” in one of the 64 languages. No indication is given as to which toggle will be activated next, only the visitor standing closest to a toggle has time to press the sensor to keep the loop active.The number of participants who engage the system - and by extension, engage the crowd of strangers around them - will define the duration of the stim event. A maximum duration of a single stim depends on participation.

If_Then Mat (2) is a rubber-coated disk. Arrayed in two concentric rings are 32 toggles, each 24" in height made of cast aluminum with molded rubber covers. At the top of each toggle a simple spring activated sensor is mounted within an illuminated ring. Pressing the soft rubber face at the top of the toggle activates the sensor. At the base of the toggle, a pliable joint allows each toggle to deflect slightly when weight is applied laterally. Each toggle is wired to a central server where signals sent from the sensor in one toggle are sorted and then sent to two or more toggles at other points along the four concentric rings. Each of the toggles is tagged with one of 64 languages, and one of 32 pre-recorded voice signals stored in the central server. Each voice signal is unique in language and tone.

Relay is a modest network of four communication posts, distributed along the main north to south Boulevard in the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. All four relays are spaced 100 meters apart within the public right-of-way and stand in a waiting mode, available for use by anyone passing by. Once activated by motion sensors placed in the flexible center joint, a relay sends video and audio signals to the adjacent relays for a 15 second duration. Images from one relay are captured by camera and broadcast via a large upright plasma screen to adjacent relays. If a signal is returned from an a second relay to the initial relay, the line of communication is allowed to remain open for up to five minutes exchanging real-time images and sound signals between the conversing communication posts, and to the other relays.



Log(e) Plan Diagram

Log(e) Bird's Eye View