LELU™ Exit Sign

The design and internal milling profile of the individual acrylic letters E, X, I, and T were rigorously tested to produce an even distribution of the LED lights.

In addition to numerous material and manufacturing specifications, our prototype exit-light fixtures with free-floating letters were required to undergo a “Non-energized Contrast Visibility” test in which certified inspectors cut or clip the letter forms of one fixture to alter its legibility. The altered and original fixtures are then hung side-by-side in a 100-foot-long corridor. Both of the exit-light fixtures are then turned off and illuminated with an external thirty-foot candle light source. A test subject standing at the opposite end of the long corridor is then given ten seconds to identify which fixture is the complete, unaltered fixture containing all four letters, E, X, I, and T.

LELU received one of ARCHITECT'S 2016 R+D Architecture award. The awards program "proudly celebrates the research, materials, and technologies that have advanced the AEC industry at every scale—from design strategies and building systems to revolutionary products, software, and fabrication methods."

ARCHITECT R+D Awards 2016