Zachary Morrison

Zack received a B.S. in Architecture with a minor in Art History, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Professionally, he has accumulated experience (in Chicago and Houston) working on projects ranging from speculative designs for residential fictions to construction drawings for high-rise developments.

Michael Kapinus
Michael Matthews
Patrick Daurio

Patrick holds an A.B. in Architecture from Princeton University. He is a recent recipient of the 2013 Mary Ellen Lovett Hale Traveling Fellowship from Rice University School of Architecture for his research on contemporary architecture in the Republic of Georgia, and writes about national politics and architecture in the former Soviet territories.

Erin Ruhl

Erin Ruhl holds a Master of Architecture from Rice University School of Architecture in Houston, Texas and a B.A. in Architecture from the University of Kentucky. She has extensive professional experience, as well as academic teaching for the summer architecture program, “Launch” at Rice University.

Varia Smirnova

Varia was on the design team for Interloop’s Menil Cafe concept commission. She holds a Master of Architecture from Rice University and a B.S. in Architecture from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Kyle Henricks

Among other (interesting) things, Kyle Henricks is a steel fabricator in Houston. He also manages and operates the fabrication shop at Rice School of Architecture. Kyle has fabricated architectural steel pieces for many Interloop projects, including the Yoga Studio, 9° House, and 10 Decades. He has been known to collect early Americana (and motorcycles).

Jack Mussett

Jack Mussett has worked with Interloop on several design projects. He is currently a consultant for web design, graphics, and programming.

Peter Muessig

Peter Muessig received an M.Arch from Rice School of Architecture in 2012. His thesis, “Velocity: Mapping Houston the Diagonal,” recently received an AIA Houston Design award and has been published in Texas Architect and PLAT Journal.

Mary Casper

Mary earned a Bachelor of Arts with honors from Vassar College in 2006, where she studied sociology, with an emphasis on labor and craft and holds a Master of Architecture from Rice School of Architecture in Houston, Texas.

Sam Brisendine

Sam earned his Bachelor of Environmental Design (B.E.D) at Texas A&M University and holds a Master of Architecture from Rice University in Houston, Texas. Ask him about Lucy and Lola.

Mathew Austin

Matt earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design and holds a Master of Architecture from Rice University in Houston, Texas. He is an expert with (pink) resin casting and is currently practicing architecture in Los Angeles.

Will Garris

Will Garris received a B.Arch. at Rice School of Architecture in Houston, Texas. He is collaborating on an interactive online catalog project; exploring computer and information technologies in relation to design culture. Ask him about tetrapods . . .

Marissa Hebert

Marissa Hebert received an M.Arch from Rice School of Architecture in 2009. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, she attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas and received an M.Arch from Rice University.

Mark Watabe

Mark Watabe is a designer and programmer who is currently in the SMArchS program at MIT. Watabe uses a wide range of scripting/programming languages in his interface/form/animation studies including: JAVA, MEL, VBscript, applescript, actionscript, PHP, and MySQL. His main interest is in researching how multi-scale computational frameworks can be applied to interface and architectural design.

Jennifer Chen

Jennifer Chen worked with Interloop for three years. She completed her thesis at Rice School of Architecture and received an M.Arch in May 2008. She received a B.A. in Economics in 2002 from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. Her professional experience includes a position as a capital markets legal assistant in New York City with Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft (2002-2004), as well as an internship at the U.S. State Department – Bureau of European Affairs in London (2000).

Eric Hughes

Eric Hughes received an M.Arch at Rice School of Architecture, Houston, Texas. His academic research and thesis, “Any Given Sunday,” investigated megachurch developments and their potential effect on urban spaces. Hughes received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Nebraska. Hughes worked with Interloop for over 4 years, contributing to numerous projects in the office.

Callie Bailey

Callie Bailey is currently living in Austin, Texas and is working with Rhode Partners Architects.

InSight Structures

Interloop has worked with structural engineer Brad Dougherty (formerly with Structural Consulting Co., Inc.) since 2002. Brad founded InSight Structures in 2011.

Ben Thorne

Ben Thorne was a project architect for Tending,(blue) and a designer for E-X-I-T. He was also involved with the fabrication of Two-Seater and has photographed a selection of Interloop’s work. Ben currently lives in Los Angeles.


Thumb is a design office based in New York City that works on both commissioned and speculative graphic communication projects, usually in the area of architecture and urban design. Thumb designed Interloop-Architecture’s identity and has collaborated on several independent graphic projects.

Emily Kirkland

Emily Kirkland was a project designer with Interloop for two glorious years, working on Julia’s Bistro, The Nasher Sculpture Center, and the Perth Amboy High School Competition. She is currently in New York City. Kirkland is an accomplished seamstress who recently started a line of custom quilts. She lives in Brooklyn with (Luke and) a furry friend named Pek.

Todd VanVarick

Todd is currently practicing at Polshek Partnership Architects in New York City. He is also busy with two little ones – James Roy and Ann Elise!

Ken Andrews

Ken is in Colorado (come back!) practicing architecture with Arch11. He teaches design studios at the University of Colorado College of Architecture. Ken has been known for experiments with fiberglass, foam, and rubber-coating fabrications; and can drive unbelievable distances without falling asleep.

Andrew McFarland

Andrew McFarland was a Design Consultant and Associate for the 9° House. He is a principal of d>mcf. In 1999, McFarland wrote (amazing, startling) scenarios for three Klip House configurations. His obsessions and addictions include: style, sailing, swimming with sharks, modern art, suburbia, california, scotland, bagpipe recordings and the Grateful Dead.

Peter Koeler

Pete currently practices in Denver, Colorado – where he enjoys the great outdoor life with Laura and Sprout. If you look closely, you might see him in the Houston Products Laboratory . . .

Ana Miljacki

Ana is principal of the Boston based architecture practice Project_ with partner Lee Moreau . She is currently an assistant professor at MIT Architecture.

Project_ contributed one of the first 25 house designs to Hometta ( – featured in the Boston Globe in October 2009. The house is titled “Stanley and Oliver.”