Hempstead Research Center


The following concept positions an expansion of the formal garden onto the new property and provides a unified building infrastructure for plant research, plant propagation, the cataloging and storage of seed, private and public educational activities, exhibitions and public lectures, living accommodations for researchers in residence, staging and storage of plants for sale, administrative offices, and parking for staff and public events.

Exterior Eye Level View — Walkway to existing house and Visitors Center beyond

Building Elevation — East

Site Plan

Building Cross Section at Visitors Center (left) and at Administration Building (right)


Building Elevation — West

Eye Level View at Main Corridor and Courtyard with Visitors Center beyond (left) and Courtyard (right)

Stormwater Retrieval and Irrigation Diagram

Topography and Floodplain

Perspective View of Retention Ponds and Water Flow

Cross Section and Plan

Upper Canopy Development — Stage 1 (top), Intermediate Canopy Development — Stage 2 (middle),  Understory Development — Stage 3 

Site Analysis

Building Floor Plan (left), Phasing Diagram (top right), and Program Distribution Diagram (bottom right)

Exterior Eye Level View — Entry Court, Water Tower and Courtyard

Building Cross Section Detail

Day (left) and Night Rendering of Rainscreen